Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Fun!

Well we had an awesome first Christmas this year with our little Lorelai....we managed to make ALL of the rounds (whew!) without complication, although we didnt stay as long as we usually would because she and I had a little cold. But, it was still what I would call a success! Here are a few pictures from the big day: The Little Family Christmas 2007
You can tell we starve this child. :) Look at those cheeks!
Baby in a stocking!
Don't you loooooooove her HUGE bow that i made?!

This Christmas was fun but I can't until Christmas 2008 when she can enjoy opening her own presents and kinda know whats going on! Next year is going to be so fun and exciting, I cant wait! Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hospitals Suck.

Well for everyone who wasn't aware, I have been in the hospital pretty much since my last blog. I went to the emergency care center on Tuesday because I was having severe abdominal cramps, nausea and fever...They transfered me to Methodist hospital where they discovered I had developed an infection in my uterus....they said it is somewhat common to get after having a baby, but very unusual for it to take this long to develop. While I was there for what should have been a 2 night stay, however, I got a full-blown version of a small stomach bug that Shawn had just gotten over. So they kept me until my fever went down and I stopped throwing up. Lots of fun. I just went home last night (friday). Thanks to everyone who was praying for me....that was one of the hardest week sof my life being without my 3-week-old who I hadn't left for more than one hour before this. I am so thankful to be at home, without an IV in my arm, holding my sweet Lorelai.
Lots of Love,

Monday, December 3, 2007

3 weeks!

Well Miss Lorelai will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I cant believe it! I hope time doesn't fly by this fast the rest of our lives, I am trying to soak up every minute but the days pass so quickly. Lorelai is such an angel. I couldnt have asked for a sweeter, sleepier baby...she only squeals when she is hungry and never cries. She is a hardcore snuggler....never likes to be put down which is fine with me because I never want to put her down! I sometimes wonder what I ever did before her. Here are some updated pictures:

Thats all for now!

Katie, Shawn and Lorelai

Saturday, November 17, 2007

She's Here!!!

Well, I am sorry this has taken me a few days to post, here's how Lorelai's birthday went....

We went into the hospital Monday night for them to give me a drug to get me dilating....after 2 doses there wasn't much change. So the following morning at about 8:00 am they started pitocin to get my contractions going and broke my water. At this point I was still only 1 1/2-2cm dilated and after an hour they upped my dosage of pitocin. I got an epidural at about 11:15 am (which, by the way, I learned to never wait to ask for one....OUCH.) They checked me for dilation every couple of hours but by 3 pm I was only 3 cm. My doctor said she would come and talk to me at about 5:00 pm to see if I was progressing and talk about my options. By the time 4:00 pm rolled around my epidural was wearing off so they gave me another dose of that, which was wonderful but after that I was Completely numb. By the time 5:00 pm came I was starving, (no food since dinner the night before) exhausted, frustrated. I just knew I hadnt progressed and was ready to ask for a c-section when my Doctor got there. She walked in, checked me, said I was 10 cm, the baby was at a "one station" (she was already moving down and out) and I was ready to push! I have never been so relieved. I started pushing at about 5:30ish once they got the room set up and only pushed for about 20 minutes when the nurse told me to stop and paged the Dr to come to the room. For those of you who dont know, my Dr is also 9 months pregnant so she was moving a little slowly....after about 5-10 minutes the nurse started yelling at shawn to push the "page dr" button again....Dr Manning came in, put one glove on and caught the baby! No lie. It was like something you would see in the movies. And so Lorelai Kate made her grand entrance into the world weighing it at about 9lb 5oz and 20 inches long. She is so chubby and the cutest thing ever. I love her so very very much and more and more every day. BUT she would still be an only child if it were up to only me. :)
Here she is all nice and new and fresh:
I still can't believe she weighed 9lb5oz!!!

So precious and chubby...

Daddy's little girl....

We are so thankful that God answered our prayers for a safe delievery and beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today is the B-I-G day!

Well, it's officially after midnight today, Monday November 12th and of course I can't sleep b/c I'm going into the Methodist hospital tonight to begin inducing labor. I can't believe this day is actually here. I am ready to stop talking about this little girl and actually get to MEET her! I am tired, emotional, and yes, even cranky... but soon I will be able to see what I've worked the hardest nine months of my life to grow. yay! I'm not really going to be answering my cell phone today because, like I said, I'm tired of talking, but if you want to know how everything is going on Tuesday my sister is going to have my cell phone so feel free to call and get updates. Hope to be posting pictures of Lorelai Kate Little next time I log in!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's A Date!

Well we've received the official word! I'll be making my final trek as a miserable pregnant woman November 12th at 8:00 pm to MethodistHospital to get the induction going. They aren't going to actually give me pitocin to start contractions until the morning of the 13th, so I'm planning on that being the big day! I am now 1 cm dilated which isn't much, but it's better than nothing and every centimeter is going to matter when they induce me! My blood pressure still has days where it is really high so I am still on bedrest until the big day. We now have about 12 days to finish everything...didn't seem like there was much left to do until we had a date set, now it seems like there isn't enough time to do everything! Still waiting for Shawn to caulk and paint the chair rail before I post pictures of the nursery, but that will definitely be done this weekend or next. That's it for now unless this little gal decides to come sooner than we have planned for her to!
-Katie, Shawn and Lorelai

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Waiting Game

Well this isn't much of an update because there isn't much to update. Still on bedrest and still having very high blood pressure. I'm 36 weeks now and 1/2 cm dilated, so the doctor told me we will be inducing Novermber 12th or 13th. It's nice to finally have it narrowed down. The only reason we would induce earlier is if my blood pressure goes up and won't come back down...poor Aunt Rachel has shingles right now so we're hoping I can hold out for another 2 1/2 weeks so that she can recover and actually be around Lorelai! The days seem to pass pretty quickly right now, however I don't sleep much so the nights drag on and on! I'm loving this weather, though...I usually go and lay on our swing outside for a little while each day to get some fresh air. Well hopefully next time I update I will have something more exciting. Shawn is going to try to finish Lorelai's room this weekend since I'm not allowed to, so hopefully I can post some pics pretty soon.
'til then...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

House Arrest!!

Sorry It's been so long since my last post (does anyone even read this??) but It's been a crazy past couple of weeks...I had my last 2 showers given by my friends at my old work Westside Dental Center and by Shawn's family. Both were Great and I got everything that we will need for little Lo, so we're very excited and grateful! On other news....I had to make a trip to the hospital for a few hours on Sunday due to high blood pressure...they ran a bunch of tests and they all came out normal, no preclampsia for now, but since it's staying kinda high I have been ordered to stay on "modified bedrest." Basically I don't have to be in bed but I cannot leave the house until Lorelai comes. grrrr. The doctor is planning on inducing me one week early now so we're hoping for an arrival date of November 15th which still seems so far from now. So any emails and contact with the outside world is greatly appreciated! I'll try to post pics of what we've done to the nursery soon.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friendswood COC Shower!

Here are some pics from my first shower from Friendswood Church of Christ. It was a blast and I got ALOT of great stuff for Lorelai Kate. Here's a pic of the cake made by none other than Aunt Melissa:

Here's me, Leslie and Rachel:
Here's a pic of me, Granna and Nana:

and here is a picture of me with the awesome Hostesses in front of the highchair they gave me:

and last but not least, a picture of me with the 2 GREAT grandmas!

It is so exciting to be getting things and actually be able to prepare for her ARRIVAL. I am so blessed to have these people in my life. Only 7 1/2 weeks left! We are hoping to be able to paint the nursery tomorrow and I have another shower Sunday from my Crosspoint Fellowship gals so I'll post more next week!

Til Then....

Katie, Shawn and Lorelai Kate

Friday, September 21, 2007

A +

Well I got my test results back this week from my 3-hour glucose test (which, amazingly enough, I survived!) and I passed! yay! I was actually a little surprised...I asked the nurse if she was sure?? Shower season is upon us and I will be posting pictures from them as they come! I am super excited to start setting everything up. I also ordered the crib bedding that Nana(Kelly) bought for Lorelai so once we get the nursery (re)painted I will post pictures of that also! The next few weeks are going to busy and exciting, I can't wait!
Katie & Shawn

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Well it would appear that with the third trimester comes more fun than i can handle! 8/31 I had to take my blood-glucose test, which for those of you who have taken it know, it is no fun. Worst sugar crash of my life, I'm pretty sure I slept all day! Well I got a phone call from my nurse yesterday saying I need to start taking an Iron supplement because I am anemic. No big deal, right? I can handle a little upset stomach every day, anemia is pretty common in pregnancy. Then she hit me with it. I failed the glucose test also! Some of you may not be familiar with my history with needles, let's just say we don't get along so well....I went through about a 10 year period in my life where I passed out at every shot, blood drawing, or little prick. I now have to take the 3 hour test where I fast the night before, they take my blood when I get there, I drink the sugar drink, then they take my blood once an hour for 3 hours! Let's just say Lorelai is going to be an only child for a little while. No fun.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

3rd Trimester Countdown!

This new pic was taken about 4 weeks ago....let's just say I've grown since then and leave it at that. I can't believe that this Wednesday will begin the start of my 3rd trimester! I think I've already started my "nesting"...I've gotten so much accomplished this past week and it doesn't seem to matter how swollen my ankles are at the end of the day I still can will myself to pick up around the house. I wish this lasted forever! It's so nice to have a sense of urgency after 24 years of being a TOTAL procrastinator. Shawn and I have started to paint the nursery but I'm pretty confident we will be re-painting since I cannot seem to make up my mind on the crib bedding. I've got all of my childbirth classes set-up and am reading every baby book I can get my hands on! While I am very eager to not be pregnant anymore, I am very much cherishing these days before constant crying and diaper changing :) I hear babies are much easier when they're on the inside! Well, that's it for update will probably be when my showers get here...til then!

Katie, Shawn and Lorelai

Friday, July 13, 2007


Well I have decided to start a blog since we have a little one on the way! I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and thought this might be a fun way to share what's going on in our lives for everyone we may not get to see but once every couple of months! I'm pretty sure everyone pretty much knows this by now but we just found out we are having a little girl and are going to name her Lorelai Kate Little! She is due November 21st, however I am personally hoping she decides to come a few days early so I can eat some turkey with everyone on Thanksgiving Day! Well that is about it for now I guess, I will update as any exciting or new news comes our way, which may not be too often, but atleast you'll hear about it!