Friday, January 25, 2008

Isn't She Lovely?

Well Lorelai is 10 weeks now and time is flying by (which they say happens when you're having fun...) I stay home with her most of the time but am also blessed with a part-time job at the church that Shawn and I attend, Crosspoint Fellowship. They allow me to work some from home and I get to go into the office one day a week while my mom watches Lorelai. It's a great schedule and allows for some adult interaction which keeps me feeling human. Lorelai is doing some fun things these days and is developing quite the personality...she smiles all the time and is starting to giggle which is soooooo funny. She loves to be held and is such a snuggly baby, which I absolutely LOVE. We went to her 8 week check up a couple of weeks ago...she is developing the right skills (holding head up, pushing up during tummy time, following objects with her eyes, etc) and weighed in a 12lb 6oz! I thought she had grown... Here are some recent pics:
Here she is sitting in her bumbo like a big girl!

This is naked tummy time! woohoo!

Here is my little peasant girl....this outfit is something Leslie and I had as babies:

I hope this post pleases our oh-so-demanding fans :) Until next time...

Katie and Lorelai