Saturday, August 25, 2007

3rd Trimester Countdown!

This new pic was taken about 4 weeks ago....let's just say I've grown since then and leave it at that. I can't believe that this Wednesday will begin the start of my 3rd trimester! I think I've already started my "nesting"...I've gotten so much accomplished this past week and it doesn't seem to matter how swollen my ankles are at the end of the day I still can will myself to pick up around the house. I wish this lasted forever! It's so nice to have a sense of urgency after 24 years of being a TOTAL procrastinator. Shawn and I have started to paint the nursery but I'm pretty confident we will be re-painting since I cannot seem to make up my mind on the crib bedding. I've got all of my childbirth classes set-up and am reading every baby book I can get my hands on! While I am very eager to not be pregnant anymore, I am very much cherishing these days before constant crying and diaper changing :) I hear babies are much easier when they're on the inside! Well, that's it for update will probably be when my showers get here...til then!

Katie, Shawn and Lorelai