Friday, September 28, 2007

Friendswood COC Shower!

Here are some pics from my first shower from Friendswood Church of Christ. It was a blast and I got ALOT of great stuff for Lorelai Kate. Here's a pic of the cake made by none other than Aunt Melissa:

Here's me, Leslie and Rachel:
Here's a pic of me, Granna and Nana:

and here is a picture of me with the awesome Hostesses in front of the highchair they gave me:

and last but not least, a picture of me with the 2 GREAT grandmas!

It is so exciting to be getting things and actually be able to prepare for her ARRIVAL. I am so blessed to have these people in my life. Only 7 1/2 weeks left! We are hoping to be able to paint the nursery tomorrow and I have another shower Sunday from my Crosspoint Fellowship gals so I'll post more next week!

Til Then....

Katie, Shawn and Lorelai Kate

Friday, September 21, 2007

A +

Well I got my test results back this week from my 3-hour glucose test (which, amazingly enough, I survived!) and I passed! yay! I was actually a little surprised...I asked the nurse if she was sure?? Shower season is upon us and I will be posting pictures from them as they come! I am super excited to start setting everything up. I also ordered the crib bedding that Nana(Kelly) bought for Lorelai so once we get the nursery (re)painted I will post pictures of that also! The next few weeks are going to busy and exciting, I can't wait!
Katie & Shawn

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Well it would appear that with the third trimester comes more fun than i can handle! 8/31 I had to take my blood-glucose test, which for those of you who have taken it know, it is no fun. Worst sugar crash of my life, I'm pretty sure I slept all day! Well I got a phone call from my nurse yesterday saying I need to start taking an Iron supplement because I am anemic. No big deal, right? I can handle a little upset stomach every day, anemia is pretty common in pregnancy. Then she hit me with it. I failed the glucose test also! Some of you may not be familiar with my history with needles, let's just say we don't get along so well....I went through about a 10 year period in my life where I passed out at every shot, blood drawing, or little prick. I now have to take the 3 hour test where I fast the night before, they take my blood when I get there, I drink the sugar drink, then they take my blood once an hour for 3 hours! Let's just say Lorelai is going to be an only child for a little while. No fun.