Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pretty fishy!

The other day we had what was our closest to serious incident yet! It was not a serious incident, by the grace of God, but it was CLOSE and SCARY. Lorelai and I were having fun playing out in the backyard while we had workers inside finishing our floor tile, and we were playing on the deck. We went to get a closer look at the fish in our pond(can you tell where this is going?) I squatted down by Lorelai at the edge of the water, literally INCHES from her. Apparently she wanted a closer look. She took a step forward, tripped, and went head first into the pond. thank GOD I was right beside her, because it is just deep enough for the whole top of her body to go way in. Her little legs started kicking frantically on the edge, so I was able to grab on and yank her out IMMEDIATELY. She was gasping and panicking which made me gasp and panic, and we had a Dr. appt for that afternoon b/c I thought she had an ear infection (which she doesn't)so I called and told them even though it was their lunchtime, i was coming RIGHT THEN. Turns out she's fine. She didn't inhale too much nasty bacteria water, and she did hit her head on the bricks that hold up the fountain, but no concussion or permanent damage. It just took 10 years off my life, that's all.
Here's a pic of Lorelai yesterday with her bruised face:

Like I said, not that bad. Here's a pic of the pond in case you've never seen it and are wondering how big it is:

Don't be fooled by the small circumference. This pond is about 2-3 feet deep.
It's wierd because at the beginning of that day, I just had this urge to pray for God to give me the strength that I needed for that day. I remember wondering if someone I love was going to die, or if Lorelai was going to be fussy, or what it would be...
Thank God for his protection over this sweet girl!!!! (and for his forgiveness for all of the times I've thought: How could that parent have been so irresponsible to let this happen to their kid??) It literally happened within seconds. Scary!

***AS a side note: We are looking for a plastic kids playhouse and a plastic outdoor slide/climber combo. If you know anyone who is giving one away or selling one for cheap, PLEASE let us know! I check craigslist like every hour, so don't suggest that :)


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yes... this is Lorelai Little.

I'm ready for my close-up!

The other day Lorelai and I went to the park for a little photo-shoot. I feel like we've been soooooo busy the past few months, we haven't had a chance to take many pictures. But, we made up for it, and Lorelai is becoming quite the little fashionista thanks to grandmas and aunts!
Here are the rest of the pics of my little model.
Next stop: Hollywood!

and Lindsay, I am DYING to install my photoshop so I can get those actions!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Could it really be THAT easy???

(sorry folks, I recorded this video sideways so go ahead and turn your head to the left to watch the video...) I was most excited about this video. I am going to copy Lindsay Kirklin and post a disclaimer about how much i HATE my "mommy-voice." (The voice I use when I talk to Lorelai.) sounds like I'm from another country when I say "come to mama!" And, now that I've pointed it out, it's all you're going to hear. PLEASE get past that, and focus on how CUTE it is to watch the inner-struggles of a 14-month-old. This video is the complete opposite of how things usually go when I tell Lorelai not to do something. Usually, it ends with something to the effect of Lorelai throwing herself on the ground and repeatedly wailing and rolling around. (Diane, am I right?!) and, that's on a GOOD day. So, what you are about to see is NOT an accurate depiction of everyday life here. Actually, this is how Heaven must be. Your child wants to do something, hears you say no, and obeys. Rinse, Lather, repeat. So, here goes. (another sidenote...with our house being under construction, everything is breaking all at once. The guestroom toiletseat cover broke off, so this is what happens when one of us (AHEM) accidententally leaves the bathroom door open. And, the spot in the toilet is something that Lorelai threw in there earlier. Not poop.) Enjoy!

Funny Videos

Okay, so I actually hate posting videos b/c for some reason it takes my computer like 2 hours to download the video to the blog (anyone know a shortcut???) but these two were too fantastic to not post. This first one is from the other day when our friends Diane and Ashton were over. We were trying to get Lorelai to give Ashton a kiss on the head, and you can see it is clearly going to be a love/hate relationship between the two of them for now...

This one video actually took like all day to load up, so I will post the other one tomorrow!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Under Construction, A new obscenely large fish tank, and...

We will start with the construction. We got our new cabinets in Friday, so this has been a weekend full of ripping the old ones out, and putting the new ones in. We are just starting today to install the new ones, but this is what our kitchen looks like right now:

So today I am asking myself the question, why, oh why did I let Shawn buy this new fish tank??? think it's 110 gal and it takes up the whole back wall of our dining room (where the mirror use to be.) It really is pretty, and he really did get a good deal on it, but it is SO over the top. Our old tank caught some disease, and EVERY fish but one died. It was the worst massacre our house has experienced. He was going to have to buy a bunch of new stuff that would've been expensive, so instead we decided to get this monster off of Craigslist:

This morning, while Shawn was admiring said new fish tank, he came across something rather disturbing...

THE GHOST OF FISH TANKS PAST! Do you see the freaky, happy-looking-whale creature in the rock? I thought when Shawn showed it to me it was a fish that had gotten trapped in the rock and was decomposing (wouldn't have been the first time...) but NO. It is a part of the rock that chipped during transfer from one tank to the next. creepy.
I know it's not Mary, but how much do you think we could get it for on Ebay? :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Okay so I found this link on my friend Jodi's page and am already obsessed with it. It isn't as high-tech or cool as using photoshop for digital scrapbooking, but it is FREE and easy! I've already created 2 pages, so check back periodically and see if I've posted anything more!