Friday, January 30, 2009

A BIG dose of Lorelai comin your way!

So as I was uploading some pics I took the other day, I saw some that I had taken about a month ago. Apparently I was trying to look something up on the computer and Little Miss was being needy. So, I kept snapping pictures hoping the flash would amuse her. It would seem as though it was working, because I took like 20 of them! Some of them are so funny, I had to post them... What a cutie!!! Next: yesterday Lorelai was eating spaghetti and had gotten it EVERYWHERE. She would sit there with a huge handful of it and suck down the noodles one by one. hehehe! Finally, a video! Most of you who are around Lorelai often have heard her say her favorite command, "No Dog!" (In reality, it sounds more like "No Doh!") She started saying this when she was quite small after, of course, she heard me tell the dogs No when they were barking. Now, anytime she hears them or any other dog bark, or sees another dog (stuffed animal or living) or even hears a bird sing, she releases her command. She is quite the little boss. It is really very funny, but can also get very old. :) Here she is after she finished her spaghetti and had moved on to blackberries, continuing her reign of terror: (side note: does it sound to anyone else like she says "spaghetti" after I say it???)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweet sweet baby...

****Update**** For those of you who know Diane, she has joined the world of blogs, at last! Here's the link:

So I have nothing within me that even resembles baby fever right now....but this little cutie is (almost) enough to change that! I was able to watch little Ashton Reed Elder the other day while Diane went to a Dr's appointment, and he was such a little angel! I had forgotten how easy newborns are compared to the constant chasing after and de-fusing tantrums life of a 14-month-old. *Side note- for those of you that are wondering, unless baby fever suddenly strikes and strikes hard, there are no plans for baby #2 yet, except to say that there will someday be a baby#2* While I was watching/trying to photograph Ashton, Lorelai was screaming, being insubordinant, and trying to run into the street. *sigh* I will say this- Lorelai's age is MUCH more amusing. Newborns are sooooo sweet and cuddly, but 14 month olds laugh at your silly faces, play with you, and love wierd things like red puppets with high pitched voices.
Here are some pictures from our day together:

Next order of business: Thanks to Karen and Susan for replying to my last blog regarding a new hand-held vacuum (and Jodi...sarcasm is always appreciated. So is new technology which allows me to be more efficient/lazy.) I think Shawn wants to replace his craftsman handheld vac that matches all of his rechargeable batteries, so it looks like I may be stuck with that for a while. yay.

So next request for recommendations: anyone in these here parts like to vegetable garden?? I'm starting to plan/obsess over starting one this year. I have ALWAYS wanted to, but we've always started too late and never really done any research on it. If anyone has any valuable advice regarding vegetables that grow really well around here, cool websites, and where the best places to shop are, let me know!
Looking forward to more feedback this time, people! Pics of Lorelai to come...we've been soooooooo busy with getting the house in order we haven't done much picture taking besides the ones above.
There has been alot of/many forward dashes today. It's that kind of day/afternoon I guess.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Calling the opinions of all mommies....

I am really wanting to get a hand-held vacuum, like the Kurve (I think is what it's called....) that is wireless and has a charger you just plug it into. Anyone have one they really, really like? Let me know...I procrastinate for forever on purchases that I am going to be using daily and want to make sure that I like.
Feedback is apprecated, people!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pearland Winterfest

Well, we headed out into the freezing wind last Saturday to try out the Winterfest at Pearland Independence Park! It was alot of fun, but I think Lorelai will enjoy it much more next year. The only thing she really went crazy for was the Petting Zoo. She got sooooooo excited, she just walked around screaming! It was really funny. There were alot of older kids there who were hogging the smaller animals, picking them up, terrorizing the Llama to the point that it starting running around the pen almost knocking over small children....not much parental supervision. But there was a pig and a bunny, which Lorelai hadn't ever seen before!
Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

And,a glimpse of Lorelai's new mean face....this isn't the full effect, because for some reason she decided it was funny that I was telling her not to abuse the animals.

I'll try to catch her next time she's really focusing her anger towards me, since I seem to be the one who gets the look the most.
Maybe because I'm the ONLY ONE who tells her no??? :)
Til next time...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Referrals Needed!

Hey Everyone...I have a request! Now that the holidays are over, we are going to go into warp-speed trying to finish our house construction. We have an excellent contractor (by the way, if you need one, let me know and I'll give you his info) BUT we are searching for a place to get kitchen cabinets from. We are going to try Factory Builder Stores and the Habitat for Humanity store, but would like some suggestions from someone any of you have used and trust. (By the way, if you can't tell, we don't really like paying retail...the less expensive but still good quality, the better!)

P.S. Here's a couple of photos to explain why we are in a hurry. This is before of our kitchen:

and here's what Shawn and our friend Drew did all afternoon yesterday:

so this is what I'm living with as incentive for me to find cabinets fast. grr.