Friday, October 31, 2008

For real.

Ok my friends.... I have not given up on my blog. We got a new computer and for some reason it is not letting me load my pictures. I need to have Shawn check it out, so be prepared for a MEGA SUPER post in a few days. We've got alot of things already, and today is Halloween! I can't wait to see all of our little monsters dressed up as something cute!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Hermitage

(I have been trying to post this for quite a few days now, but our internet has been acting up, so without further delay....The Hermitage!)

Ok, so Tuesday was the last full day we were in TN so we wanted to do something tourist-y and historical, so we went to the Hermitage, which is where Andrew Jackson lived. It was AMAZING. I soak up history and old houses and antiques and artifacts....People- most of the wallpaper was put up in the 1800's!!! How is that even possible??? We took total advantage of the gorgeous landscape and Kelly and I took a BILLION are most of my favorites. Which one do you love most?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton...

Well I know I posted a little bit in my last post about our trip to Tennessee...but here's the whole deal! (Sorry if I'm a bit repetitive) We got there last Thursday evening and had a relaxing evening just soaking up the landscape (which is to DIE for) and weather (also to DIE for) and caught up, and for me, MET family. I hadn't ever met Shawn's Uncle Mike, Aunt Cookie, and cousins Philip, his wife Michelle, and Kristen. Here's a picture of Uncle Mike and Aunt Cookie's awesome house with wrap around porch:

Aunt Peggy came to our wedding so it had been a looooong time since we had seen each other. The whole time Kelly was planning the trip, she managed to keep it a secret from Aunt Peggy that Lorelai and I were coming. It was Awesome. Here's a picture of Lorelai and Aunt Peggy playing together:

and one of Uncle Mike, Aunt Cookie, Aunt Peggy, and Kelly...eating Lorelai's cookies!

Friday we spent mainly getting some necessities from Walmart and shopping at Belks! (A department store not yet in Texas....) they were having a HUGE sale! Woohoo! Saturday was so much fun. It was everything I could ever want in a small town. I told Kelly I felt like I was in Stars Hollow...(the town in Gilmore Girls) They had a Main Street Festival where they shut down their old downtown square and had local vendors set up at booths. I was BORN for this life.

That last picture is at The Palace...the oldest still standing and operating movie theatre! It was built in 1913. Later that night we went on a candlelit tour of the Gallatin Cemetary. It was sooo cool- nothing spooky. We had a guide walk us around and at different graves they had a person dressed up in old clothes portraying the person buried there and giving an account of their lives. Once again...BORN for this. Call me weird if you want, but I really enjoy walking around graveyards looking at super old gravestones and imagining what the person's life was like. I'd like to think I'm just quirky and imaginative. Whatever.
The next day we had a little photo shoot with Lorelai in the backyard:

Cutest. Kid. Ever.
On that's getting late and I'm sick. Woke up this morning with 102.5 and white spotted swollen tonsils. Welcome Home me. SO I will post more tomorrow about our outing to the Hermitage...Andrew Jackson's home. Great pictures. Here's the pic of the week to leave you feeling happy.

Til tomorrow...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Well we arrived safe and sound here in Tennessee Thursday afternoon. Lorelai did wonderfully on her first flight! It wasn't a full plane so we were able to bring her carseat on and latch her in safe and sound so it was just another normal "car" ride for her. We are having a TON of fun and are enjoying the AMAZING weather and scenery. The leaves are just starting to turn color in some areas and it is just the most beautiful thing ever. Shawn's Uncle Mike has nicknamed Lorelai "Punkin'" and he, Aunt Cookie and Aunt Peggy are the sweetest people ever. They just keep saying over and over telling anyone who will listen how Lorelai is just the best baby ever and she is being the greatest sport....on and on and on! We were able to shock the pants off of Shawn's Aunt Peggy when Kelly stepped off the plane and had Lorelai and I with her....she didn't know we were coming so it really threw her for a loop. We went to the Gallatin town festival today in the town square and took a tour of the Palace theatre...the oldest fully intact theatre in America that is still was built in 1913! I swear we are in Stars Hollow (the town in Gilmore Girls...)I will have to attach pictures of these things once I get home. I brought 2 cameras and am taking alot of time loading all of my pics. I truly love it here and am going to have to make this an annual trip. Yesterday I took Lorelai outside for a photo Uncle Mike and Aunt Cookie's backyard. Look at the size of the leaves! Autumn is in full bloom here. wow.