Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Craft Project!

Yesterday and today I spent most of the day sewing a new nap mat for Lorelai! She started Mother's Day Out yesterday at Fwd Church of Christ and needed something to sleep on besides the sticky floor mat they provide, so instead of dropping big bucks on one of these bad boys, I made one! YAY! It has alot of crooked lines and I would've done a couple of things different, but overall I think it came out very well. I picked a really fun fabric and am glad b/c I think it's hides some of the messiness. Here it is!

Lorelai looooooooves her new "night night!" I keep catching her laying on it watching t.v. and she screamed when i took it away to take pictures of it. Makes it completely worth it!
I've decided that I really do not enjoy the process of sewing...a little too slow for me, but I really like having something to show for it! This was what I would call more of a beginner project (I would consider myself an EARLY beginner) but it was ALOT of fabric, so it was time consuming.
Here's where I found the instructions:

Friday, August 7, 2009


Lorelai loves to sing her ABC's ALL the time now, and it is SO stinkin cute! She really only gets A-G and then is done with it, but she is usually pretty much on key which is impressive to me! (not even 2 yet, mind you...)
Here's a video of her last night singin in the tub...
You can hear her get A-G then skip to "Next time won't you sing with me? yaaaaaay!"

I still have pictures from Colorado to post, but the photographer in me is having a hard time editing them since they were taken at all hours of the day and not the best lighting. ugh. I need to just relax and let baby pictures be what they are!
Hope yall enjoy the video!