Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An update...or something like it!

I realized the other day that I wanted to switch out the pictures that have been hanging (or not hanging, since they still haven't been put back up since our house was painted in FEBRUARY) up for the past year or so. Lorelai has grown SO much and I was itching for some change. And then I realized- I have NO recent photos of my girl! My handy little point and shoot has had a dead battery for quite a few months and heaven knows I'm not going to carry around my Cannon. So, I charged that battery up, loaded an empty memory card, and have been trying to catch my beautiful little gal in action!
These are from her first day of Mother's Day Out this year. She is attending Shadycrest Baptist and already loves it. She walked right into her classroom and started playing...I kissed her on the head and walked out. She didn't even notice. We've been two peas in a pod all summer, and not a tear was shed. By her. :) I had to run by the school office and looked in her classroom on the way out, and there was my tender-hearted little girl, comforting a crying boy. Patting his back and most likely saying "shhhhh, shhhh" sweetly like I've taught her to do for crying babies. She is going to ROCK as an older sister.
Here she is with her teacher, Miss Erin, who we already love!
Today, we went and played at the park with our friends Diane and Ashton, and caught this little moment...
Followed shortly thereafter by this little moment...
Sleeping Beauty.