Monday, July 30, 2012

July, 2012. In Words Only.

Warning: no pictures :) I just wanted to write these things down before I forget to...

It is HOT outside, and every day I dream about the fall...about being able to walk outside and not immediately break into a sweat. About wearing long sleeves and drinking hot coffee. About not always being irritated when my kids want to go outside (Poor children. someday, you'll understand. Or be forever scarred and vow to treat your children differently. Whatever works for you.) Despite being shut-ins, the children are doing beautifully. Here's the break down:
Whatever sweet, kissy stage you were in the last time I wrote a post, you are SO out of now. You are a STINKER. Might be because you have 6 teeth coming in (four of them being molars- OUCH), but either way, you only kiss me if I am pretending to be asleep, or if you are just struck with loving feelings. You will, however, kiss your sister (whom you have named "Yi Yi" because you can't say "Lorelai") and Berkdog any chance you get. You make me laugh every day. You sit there and smack your lips at me if I'm eating something you want, and then sit there with your head up and mouth open like a birdie until I feed you. When you are "punished", you raise your arms up to me and squeeze me so tight when I pick you up. When you are mad, you SCREAM until I look at you and then scream some more. This, I don't love so much. But it is still pretty funny :) 
You have a list going of words you can say, but good grief you refuse to say them on command. And you don't speak very often, which I think is kind of odd since you are such a spunky little thing. Here's what we've heard you say more than once, and therefore count it as part of your regular vocabulary: Berkdog (Burt Dog!), Yi Yi (Lorelai), Momma, DaDa, Hi, Bye, Sit down! (to berkdog. poor dog. remind me to buy him extra treats during toddler years.), ball, more, all done, and eye (you also poke eyes. this isn't so nice.)
Oh, my darling, you are balancing out your sister perfectly. You will give me an abundance of kisses, hugs, snuggles....whatever I need, you give. You help your sister, you get me water when I need it, you can make your own PB&J and love to help scrub the dishes after dinner. You still often think you know better than me and daddy-o and are learning to obey even when your strong opinion disagrees. It's all a process, and I love who you are becoming.
Mother and Daddy-O:
Shawn and I got to go to San Diego this past month and had a great time, although I missed those little girlies every single day. We managed to have fun (even though it was comic con), and I have a few lingering thoughts since our trip. 
1. Why, oh why, did God create West Texas? It is horrible to drive through, and I vow to NEVER do it again.  Good grief. Every time I see a commercial that looks like the desert, I start feeling panicky. Kinda like how no one wanted to drive long distances for a year after evacuating for Rita. That level of panic.
2. I am so intrigued by all of the random RV communities in the middle of the desert. I want to go and spend a month there and get to know these people. They have GOT to be interesting. I think about it all the time still. What do they DO all day? Are they all best friends? Do they all think they see UFO's? Do we need to make a break for it to them when the zombie apocalypse hits? 
3. Oh, how I miss the fish tacos in San Diego.
4. Although the 70 degree weather was a beautiful break, I think I'd rather my summers stay at around a nice 88. 70...a little too cold for my taste (while at lunch in La Jolla, the waitress had to bring me a blanket because I was noticeably shivering. Don't worry Texas, I know how to represent.) And, obviously, 90's-100's is MUCH too unbearable.
5. I shouldn't leave my children for more than 4 days. 5 Maximum. It's just too much for a mommy to take. And after being gone that long, I'm likely to be exhausted when I get back, which makes it hard to readjust to real life.