Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It is May, 2012...

And, okay okay, I'm feeling guilty. My sister- who has always been the more "structured" or "disciplined" one (She's a teacher. Need I say more?) has done such an amazing job documenting my nephew every month, that I am starting to fear the backlash of bitterness coming from my children.
SO, here's what is happening in OUR lives right now :)
Walking- no, RUNNING- everywhere! You started at about 14 months to really get walking, but you are so busy all the time! I can barely keep up!
You have four teeth on top and two on bottom, but I think your one year molars are coming through. You have been captain cranky pants lately and waking up every other night.
Your favorite word is "Dada!", but you love to point at what you want over and OVER again and say "dis!" (this) or "dat!" (that) until we give you what you want. You also call your sister "Yi Yi" and although you can say "mama", you never do! We have also heard "YahYuh" (Granna) a few times.
Your favorite game is to run up to me (or whoever you choose to play), point at that person, and yell "DAAAAA!" with a huge grin. It's the cutest. Ever.
When you kiss now, you actually make a pucker sound!
When your sister is sad, you crawl in her bed beside her and kiss her over and over and hug her until she hugs you back.
You have finally decided (although you have backed off a little) that you love to kiss ME! If you aren't in the mood to give me a kiss, I pretend that I'm sad and fake-cry, and you take my face in your hands and give me a big kiss! So what if it's manipulative :)
Your eating habits are a little crazy. You consistently love bananas, but you also consistently love to throw all of your food on the ground. Needless to say, this is a trying age for me.
You are really- and I mean REALLY- testing your boundaries. I tell you no, you do it again. And again. And again. Despite consistently disciplining you, you really enjoying sticking just one toe over the line. The other day, you walked over to daddy's DVD collection (which you know for sure you aren't allowed to touch), put ONE finger on a DVD, looked at me, and gave me a wide-eyed-open-mouthed "What are you going to do about THIS?!" face.
You are finishing PreK3 tomorrow. You and Harper have loved being in Mrs. Symms class together, and my, oh my, how your life is flying right by me. I am so looking forward to this summer, when the days will feel like they are dragging by and sometimes I will wish for an escape, and other days I will just watch you play and soak it all up.
You are such a loving, sweet, encouraging girl. You often say to me "Mom, that dinner was SO good! Thank you SO much for making it for me!", "I love you so much", "You're just a big sweetheart!" and other various hilarious phrases.
You are also at that point in your little life where you are starting to rely on your own reasoning instead of the behavior you know we want from you. I know there are often times where you know what you should do, and think to yourself "I'm going to do this just doesn't know this important piece of information. If she did, she would surely say yes!"
I love being your friend. I am trying so hard to listen to your heart and know why you are doing is so hard, because first and foremost we demand obedience, but I know that if we don't keep up our relationship, you will stop listening. You are usually your daddy's sidekick on the weekend, but with Charlotte getting older, I usually get to steal you for an outing here and there.
Speaking of being your daddy's sidekick, you love going to the comic book store with him on Saturdays. It's a very special (and super geeky) time that you have together. You love your "Daddy-O"!
You are super smart. You are starting to sound out words, you can figure out what letter words start with, you can do a lot of basic math, you have a few bible verses memorized (although I could probably do a better job of teaching you more...).
You are a fantastic big sister. You are always so proud of your "Little Birdie", and love telling people "This is my little sister, Charlotte. But we actually call her "Birdie"." When you are sad, you love to snuggle with her, and it's the sweetest thing ever.
You had your first sleepover with Harper last month...when you have your own children, I want you to remember that you didn't fall asleep until THREE A.M. Poor Harper was a zombie, and you were hyper and crazy until you pretty much fell right over. You were in bed from about 11pm-3am, just getting up long enough to ask for something or until you were told to go back to sleep. But, you two had so much fun, and I remember how special it feels to have a sleepover, so maybe we can have another one. Before you leave for college.
You also love all critters right now. You are always chasing lizards in out back yard, or making june bugs little homes (rock piles).
Okay! I think that's everything I want you to know as of right now! Here are some pictures. :)

 Lorelai and Ava
 Gorgeous girl!
 Little curls!
 Lorelai: friend to all frogs, lizards, and june bugs.
 Birdie hanging out while we garden!
 Wildflower pictures in May...
 At the rodeo with Auntie Rae Rae, Auntie L, Granna and Mother to see Reba! Big enough to have fun with the other big girls! Yay! It was a little rainy that night....
 Eating cotton candy, of course!