Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas!

Well, for those of you who keep up with Facebook, you can tell I've been a little stressed this year! I waited WAY too long to do Christmas shopping, get started on gifts I was actually making, and decorate the house. I've been dragging my poor child all over creation to do the shopping, and I'm pretty sure she would be okay never leaving the house again! We had a great Christmas, but are SOOOOO ready to relax and get the house clean! I didn't take a whole lot of pictures because I was beyond exhausted and Little Miss wasn't cooperating most of the time, but here are a few I managed to snap:

(p.s. yes, I did make her shirt that says "Santa Rocks!)
Lindsay- could you send me the pics you took yesterday? Thanks!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

not EVEN fair... be a sister of this green-eyed beauty who has NO idea what a knock-out she is. 5'11", thin, hazel eyes, rocks a nose piercing like its nobody's business- just not fair! I tried soooooo hard to get a pic that would do her justice, and this is what I got. Didn't have to edit it a bit.

Here a few others from that was the middle of the day and the light was a bit harsh, but we got a few that were pretty good!

....AND, as an added blog bonus, some pictures of SNOW!
To make a long story short, yesterday at about 4:00pm I went to Kohl's (after being at Michael's for an hour, mind you...) Shawn met me up there to get something out of my car, drove me back to the store entrance cause it was FREEZING (um, literally). Fast-forward 45 minutes of shopping later, I realize I left my car keys in his truck, he's at U of H and has to go straight to a teeth cleaning appointment afterwards. Nana came and hung out with us and bought Lorelai lots of clothes from Kohls and then (illegally) drove us down to Skeets (it's in the same parking lot people, don't blow the whistle on us!) We left at 8:30pm-ish. WHEW! Okay, so that wasn't really a short-version, but I had to explain why the only pics I got of Lorelai in the snow are of her screaming at 9:00pm at night after falling asleep in the car on the way home! I had to leave her there on the ground and snap a was really only over the course of 5 minutes, don't believe what she'll try to tell you. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I couldn't pass that up, not over a few dramatic tears. After I picked her up she calmed down immediately.
Here it is, Lorelai's first snowfall!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She's Officially Mobile!

Okay, so I know I haven't told practically anyone that Lorelai can walk now because it happened so gradually, but now you can see it for yourselves! She took her first "step" (literally, just one step...) on her actual birthday (11/13), took her first official "few steps" the evening of her birthday party (11/15) and ever since then she has added one step a day until one day we looked up, and there she was, toddling around as if it was no big deal! She loves to grasp one small object for each hand and walk around with them, and she will snuggle with literally ANYTHING these days. If she finds a pillow on the floor, a doll, or even the dogs bed (gross, i know) she will lay her head down and say "ohhh" in a loving way. Every day she develops more of a personality and it is amazing to witness! Watch, and be amazed.