Monday, December 28, 2009

Okay, Aunt Peggy.....

Here's a new post for you! :) And everyone else out there who doesn't have a Facebook page to see our constant updates. The pictures aren't exactly in order because I'm trying to do this quickly, so bear with me....

The past few months have been a busy time around our household. My photography business is taking off, especially around the Christmas when everyone wants family pictures, and because SHAWN GRADUATED! We couldn't be more happy/proud/excited! We feel so free and can only imagine the extra time we'll have as a family. Here are a TON pictures of the happy occasion:

Waiting on Daddy to graduate at Holfeinz....
"Proud of My Daddy" with her own little graduation cap.
Our first glimpse of him...
I see him!

The secret for getting a two year old through a college graduation ceremony: skittles.
(and lots of family there to get up and let her run through the halls every 30 minutes.)
Where's Daddy? We would yell "Shawwwwwwwn!" and Lorelai would repeat us. Too cute!
Walking across the stage.....SO PROUD!
We also had lorelai's Christmas Party at her Mother's Day Out! Her two-year-old class got on stage and sang Jingle Bells with the Alvin and the Chipmunks soundtrack while shaking bells- TOO CUTE! Lorelai really just sat back and chilled most of the song, but I'm pretty shocked she even sat there at all! Here are some pics of the cutie-pie:
Lorelai and her friend Bella getting ready to decorate and eat cookies!
Santa anyone? NO THANK YOU!
Recovering, yet forever scarred.
Well, maybe not....
December was a long month full of fun!
I am going to try to make a conscious effort to post on this blog once a week from here on out. This post alone took me about an hour, which I am reminded exactly why I never have time to do this, but I got up extra early and did this while Lorelai is still alseep! Woohoo! Shawn is home from work this week so we are going to try to clean and re-organize EVERY room in our house! Wish us luck!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Forgive me?

.....for taking so long to put up a new post? We have been SO super busy lately. Shawn finished all of his finals and will be GRADUATING December 18th. I am still in shock. I am having to rethink the way we have been living life for the past....well, quite literally, since we first met! No more staying up late to study, missing Shawn a few nights a week, no more paper deadlines, registering for classes, hoping he passes. NO MORE! We will only be subjected to the normal amount of stress life offers while raising a two year old. *sigh* Sweet relief my friends, sweet relief.
My photography business is going very well, also! If you don't keep up with that blog, go check it out, also!

I am just as busy as I want to be and am having so much fun! I am working on getting a logo and business cards so that I can keep growing. I am so blessed!
Little Miss is talking our ears off lately and repeating the phrases we use daily....but it's SO much cuter coming from her! Things we hear daily:
"Let's go, guys!"
"I'm proud of you, Momma!"
"Excuse me!" (she will repeat this until we move)
"Oh dear!"
"Oh My Goodness!"
and many, many more!
Just is just so precious to us. She constantly tells us how much she loves us and gives kisses like crazy.
and, since I can't blog without a photo, here's one to warm your hearts.