Monday, August 25, 2008

Doggie Doors, Clinton Kelly, Crazed Naked Baby, Cowgirl Lorelai, Walkers, and XTREME Kitchen Makeover!

WHEW! so, needless to say, this is going to be a MEGA post! I apologize for not fulfilling my motherly duty of blogging every other day, but my child just had SURGERY for crying out loud! (or atleast, that is going to be my excuse....forget the fact that it was the easiest thing ever.)
KICKING off the mega post....Kyle, C, Mark and Junie came over a couple of weeks ago to hang out...we were standing in the kitchen talking when we heard Junie's sweet little voice saying something to the effect of "see? out...Lorelai..." etc and looked over to see Junie trying to show Lorelai how to crawl out of our newly installed doggie door in the kitchen. It was soooooo funny! Lorelai didn't make it out....she only pushed up on it, but it was a cute moment.

when the grand opening of the new Pearland town center came around, Clinton Kelly, my obsession from What Not to Wear came to the Macy's to give a fashion show. It was AWESOME. I love him (who cares if he is most likely gay...) Rachel and I stalked him a little bit in an effort to just say hello without having to spend the mandatory $200 at Macy's for an autograph. Not to name any names....but while I was using the restroom, SOMEONE let him walk RIGHT BY!!! We should move on from this subject before we conjure up all of those bitter feelings. Here is my sweet Clinton and Rachel about to be struck down:

The following is a collection of random cute moments with Lorelai....

Here is our little baby monster recovering from surgery:

....AND, as a special bonus, here are some pictures from our XTREME Kitchen Makeover! We painted ALL of the cabinets, island, walls, and trim. We also removed the flourescent lights and installed pot lights. Thanks to Nana for all of the help painting! The only before pictures are from right when we were moving into our house, so it looks a little empty. and please excuse the mess on the counters in the after pictures. I have no excuse, I'm just sometimes very messy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Over!

The surgery went very was nice and quick (about 15 minutes.) Lorelai was pretty fussy when she first came out of her sedation, but has been sleeping most of the day away and has been surprisingly pleasant when she has been awake. Thanks for all of your prayers! God has kept us all calm and relaxed today and Lorelai doesnt seem to be in any pain. Yay!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Have a Headache.

I don't really feel in the funny, blog-writing mood, but my child is having outpatient surgery tomorrow morning so I'd like to ask for everyone's prayers. If she still has chest congestion tomorrow morning, they might reschedule her appointment...but I'm hoping it's all clear so that we can get this overwith. I am not looking forward to a hurting, unhappy baby tomorrow, but I am thankful that this surgery exists so that we don't have to deal with anymore ear infections! *sigh* Ok, well, I'll post tomorrow letting everyone know how it went.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Make it a double!

Well, for everyone who witnessed my child's bi-polar behavior this past weekend, here is our excuse: I took Lorelai to the pediatrician after a weekend of fussiness of psychotic levels only to find out she has not one, but TWO ear infections. So, after 6 ear infections in her 8 1/2 months of life, her pediatrician is finally sending us to an ENT to have tubes placed. I know most of you will immediately want to send me words of encouragement- fyi, you dont have to! I am actually quite relieved. I've heard it's a super easy procedure, and afterwards- No ear infections! No antibiotics! No endless fussiness! Sweet music to my ears. Her consult is 8/15.