Saturday, November 17, 2007

She's Here!!!

Well, I am sorry this has taken me a few days to post, here's how Lorelai's birthday went....

We went into the hospital Monday night for them to give me a drug to get me dilating....after 2 doses there wasn't much change. So the following morning at about 8:00 am they started pitocin to get my contractions going and broke my water. At this point I was still only 1 1/2-2cm dilated and after an hour they upped my dosage of pitocin. I got an epidural at about 11:15 am (which, by the way, I learned to never wait to ask for one....OUCH.) They checked me for dilation every couple of hours but by 3 pm I was only 3 cm. My doctor said she would come and talk to me at about 5:00 pm to see if I was progressing and talk about my options. By the time 4:00 pm rolled around my epidural was wearing off so they gave me another dose of that, which was wonderful but after that I was Completely numb. By the time 5:00 pm came I was starving, (no food since dinner the night before) exhausted, frustrated. I just knew I hadnt progressed and was ready to ask for a c-section when my Doctor got there. She walked in, checked me, said I was 10 cm, the baby was at a "one station" (she was already moving down and out) and I was ready to push! I have never been so relieved. I started pushing at about 5:30ish once they got the room set up and only pushed for about 20 minutes when the nurse told me to stop and paged the Dr to come to the room. For those of you who dont know, my Dr is also 9 months pregnant so she was moving a little slowly....after about 5-10 minutes the nurse started yelling at shawn to push the "page dr" button again....Dr Manning came in, put one glove on and caught the baby! No lie. It was like something you would see in the movies. And so Lorelai Kate made her grand entrance into the world weighing it at about 9lb 5oz and 20 inches long. She is so chubby and the cutest thing ever. I love her so very very much and more and more every day. BUT she would still be an only child if it were up to only me. :)
Here she is all nice and new and fresh:
I still can't believe she weighed 9lb5oz!!!

So precious and chubby...

Daddy's little girl....

We are so thankful that God answered our prayers for a safe delievery and beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today is the B-I-G day!

Well, it's officially after midnight today, Monday November 12th and of course I can't sleep b/c I'm going into the Methodist hospital tonight to begin inducing labor. I can't believe this day is actually here. I am ready to stop talking about this little girl and actually get to MEET her! I am tired, emotional, and yes, even cranky... but soon I will be able to see what I've worked the hardest nine months of my life to grow. yay! I'm not really going to be answering my cell phone today because, like I said, I'm tired of talking, but if you want to know how everything is going on Tuesday my sister is going to have my cell phone so feel free to call and get updates. Hope to be posting pictures of Lorelai Kate Little next time I log in!!!