Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too precious for words...

So, it's taken me two months to edit these pictures. There were literally so many good ones, I felt completely overwhelmed to even get started. But they are literally the most precious pictures I have of Lorelai. We headed out to the strand this day because Shawn had to work on the beach house, so Lorelai and I had a girls day... we even had a caramel apple. (yummmmmmm.) Then we headed to the beach for a photo session that ended with me getting Shawn's truck stuck in the sand and getting lectured by many islanders about where is "okay" and "not okay" to park. Now I know. (um hello, I don't normally have to park in the sand. It's what parking lots are for.)
Without further delay....the lovely Lorelai.

Grandparents- no need to copy pictures from the blog. I've made a cd of them for you!