Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a great first 2 days of our Labor Day Weekend! The weather was beautiful Friday and Saturday while we were in Galveston with our friends Nathan, Diane and Ashton. Friday we got to Galveston and just hung out at the beach house, but Saturday- we went to Moody Gardens! It was a BLAST. Lorelai enjoyed every second of it, she seems to be the perfect age to soak it all in and be excited about everything.
Lorelai and Ashton waiting to go inside...
Smashed Penny! Always a great past-time.
In the shark cage! Ahhhhh!
Watching the fish swim above them at the Aquarium...
Don't feed me to the shark, Daddy!
My little butterfly...
Lorelai even got to hold a butterfly! She was mesmorized by it...just let it crawl all over her hand.
Sunday Diane and I took the kids back to Moody Gardens to play and swim at Palm Beach. Once again, they loved it and we got home and took nice long naps.
Which is a good thing, because the rest of the weekend was spent passing a stomach virus from person to person. My little Typhoid Mary once again spread a horrible virus. It kicked off with Lorelai Sunday afternoon, followed by me Sunday night, followed by Ashton early Monday morning, followed by Diane, finished off by Shawn. Thankfully Nathan was able to avoid it.
It was quite the nightmare for everyone, being sick and not being in your own home, and not being able to be away from the toilet long enough to get home. And, in my case, being 17 weeks pregnant and dehydrated. I am so thankful that the virus was pretty short lived and over now!

Go Texans!

A couple of weekends ago we were able to take Lorelai to her first Texans game, courtesy of Big Poppy! I have to be honest, I wasn't at all nervous about how the experience would go. This girl LOVES sports. She will watch the Astros or Texans on tv any day and loves going to Astros games. For the most part, she sits still (or goes from my lap to Shawn's) and watches the game pretty much the whole time (as long as she has plenty of snacks!)
We got to the game early for some tailgating:
Schaub jersey: check!
Sparkly pink tennis shoes: check!
Big Poppy stuffed her little pockets full of peanuts for the game!
Onto the game....while we were walking, we turned a corner and saw the stadium, and Lorelai raised her arms and yelled out "GO TEXANS!" It was so funny!
That's good enough for a Houston Texans "FIRST DOWN!"
Snuggle break!
Fishing those peanuts out of her pocket...
After the game, we went back to the truck to eat a little more and recover from the excitement:
We had a great time!