Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ay Yi Yi Ike

Well, I know just from driving around Pearland that we could have done alot worse...here's a list of our damage as we have assessed so far:
Most of fence down on all sides
Hole in roof from where Ike blew an air vent off
Missing shingles (of course)
Water damage in kitchen (from leaky roof)
So, all in all, we didn't make out too bad. We have had power since Sunday and Saturday night we were fortunate enough to go stay with Shawn's dad downtown who never lost power (How, you ask? I don't know!)
We have had a full house of my family, Shawn's brother, Leslie and her roommates one night, and our friends from church Nathan and Diane. We are blessed to have all of these people in our lives and don't mind keeping them here as long as needed.
Here is a before picture of our happy home before Ike brought his destruction:

And here we are now:

The after pictures dont really show how much it sucks, but Shawn, Nathan and Ryan worked hard all day Monday and cleaned up branches, tore down what was left of the fence, and mowed. So, it looks ok now! We also had to rip up the wood laminate flooring in the kitchen because it is actually oozing water, and we might have to end up ripping up the carpet because it is now soaking also.
We have also encountered some minor illnesses this past week. Lorelai came down with a fever Thursday night as we were preparing for D-Day..it stayed at 101 or above until Saturday then came and went, followed by a rash all over her legs since Sunday. Leave it to my kid to come down with a fever when a hurricane is coming. Friday night was the night from Hades as we were shaking in our boots and trying to calm a very sick baby. Shawn took over at midnight and stayed up with her until 1:45am, then she woke up at 6:00am. It was awful. Thankfully, one of Shawn's cousin's (Kim) is a Dr so we ran by her place and she diagnosed little L with a virus....most likely "Hand, Foot, Mouth disease". Fun. Also, this morning I was playing with Lorelai and somehow caught her fingernail to my eye...the real eye, not eyelid. OWWWWWW! After lying on the couch all day with a makeshift eyepatch....I might be brave enough to post the pic of that.....I went to the HEB rediclinic and they gave me eyedrops so I feel MUCH better now. yay! We are thanking God for our health and blessings in what has been for some a truly tragic natural disaster. We havent been able to go check out our beachhouse in Jamaica Beach, so I will update once we have checked that out. Here is my Pirate patch put together by none other than Shawn:

Yikes. Most of you have seen my endless beauty, so I am only posting that pic in an effort to show you that I am also merely human, as you are. (hahaha)
Well, I think that is it! Hope to hear from everyone soon!


The Meurers said...

Ouch! That eye looks like it hurts. Glad to know you guys are safe and that your house is ok. We're praying for you all!

JohnsonFamily said...

hey Katie,
I will give you some points due to the fact that you comment quite often. Sorry I have been slacking in my comments on your page. I have been reading.

Glad you guys are ok. Sorry about your eye. The picture is pretty tragic looking.

the bow lady said...

The drive is on going for the next couple of weeks! Thanks for posting!